6 Facts About VA Loans That You May Not Know

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Here’s a link to a great article by Emily Huddleston of Redfin regarding VA Loans.

“Are you thinking of buying a home? If you’re a veteran or active military personnel, you may be eligible for a VA loan. And the great news is, for those who qualify, VA loans offer some of the most enticing and flexible benefits available. Whether you’ve been researching this mortgage option for months or you are just getting started, here are 6 facts about VA loans that you may not know.”

  1. VA loans allow veterans to buy a home with little or no money down
  2. Closing costs for VA loans are lower compared to other mortgage types
  3. You can still get a VA loan while serving overseas
  4. If you have full entitlement, you won’t have a home loan limit
  5. VA loans do not require private mortgage insurance
  6. There are a variety of VA loan products available

Thanks for the great article Emily!