Documentation Required to Get a Mortgage

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When applying for a mortgage, here’s a list of the documents most underwriters will want to see.  Your loan application will include many of the following but clearly not all of these will be needed.  You may be required to supply more or in fact fewer documents depending upon the type of home loan you’re applying for as well as the strength of your qualifications.

Typical Documentation Required to Get a Mortgage

Personal Information

  • Copy of your driver’s license.
  • Copy of social security card.
  • If applicable: copy of complete divorce, palimony, alimony papers.
  • If applicable: copy of green card or work visa permit.

Employment/Income Information

  • Most recent two years W-2’s.
  • Most recent two years Federal Tax Returns (all pages and schedules).  Please sign page two of the tax returns.
  • Most recent pay stubs covering one month period.
  • Self-employed will need two years corporate/partnership tax returns and YTD profit and loss statement.
  • Self employed will need current copy of business license and a CPA letter.
  • Please let us know if you receive income from overtime, bonus, commissions, rental income, reimbursed business expenses.

Savings and Asset Information

  • All pages from your most recent two months complete bank statements for any and all accounts.
  • Most recent statement from retirement, 401k, mutual funds, money market, stocks, etc.

Credit Information

  • Name, address, account number, monthly payment and current balance for: installment loans, revolving charge accounts, student loans, mortgage loans, and auto loans.  Most of this data is used to fill out your home loan application and actual copies will not be needed by the mortgage lender.

If the loan is for a Purchase:

  • Legible sales contract signed by buyers and sellers for purchase transactions.
  • Copy of the earnest money deposit check.
  • Contact information for your homeowner’s insurance agent.

If the loan is a Refinance:

  • Copy of note from current mortgage loan.
  • Copy of homeowners insurance policy.
  • Copy of the payment coupon or monthly loan statement for current mortgage.
  • If applicable: If the property is multi-unit, you may need to provide the leases.

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