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Choice One Mortgage Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start makes everything easier when you’re buying a home, giving you more financial freedom. Get complimentary access to a credit consulting team that develops customized strategies that can improve your credit score. It’s a game plan that can make getting a mortgage easier and help you get a better rate. In today’s market, that gives you an advantage.

Get Into a New Home (or Refinance) Faster With Our Fresh Start Solutions

Getting the lowest interest rate on a mortgage will save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan, and your credit report will play a large role in determining your rate. Therefore, it is critically important to prepare by doing everything you can to raise your credit scores.

There are some amazing things we can do to help you, and we call it the Fresh Start Program. Let’s take a look:

Fresh Start Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

We’ll show you ways to raise your score so you can find the best possible rate. Fresh Start has determined that clients with the best success for improving their scores have these qualities:

  • 570+ credit scores
  • No foreclosures or bankruptcies in the past two years
  • Qualifying income

Learn Fresh Start Strategies

There are a number of things you can do to increase your credit score, giving you a better chance to get approved for a mortgage.

Fresh Start can also put more money in your pocket by helping you qualify for lower rates.

  • Open up additional credit cards
  • Pay down debt
  • Remove collections
  • Remove late payments
  • Authorize user accounts

When we identify a client that needs help with their credit, we contact our Fresh Start Team and put them to work. They will report back to us with recommendations (like pay down a credit card balance, or pay off a Cable TV collection account).

Once you have taken the recommended action, they will re-run your credit report to get a new, and hopefully higher, credit score. Amazing right!

Get on the Right Track with Fresh Start

Things happen, and your credit rating may not be ideal now, but with Fresh Start, you can be closer to financial freedom. We’ll advise, support and bring you smart strategies. This gives you the leverage you need to fulfill your dreams: refinancing into a lower rate or even owning a new home.

Click on the image below to see our Fresh Start flyer.

Fresh Start Program from Choice One Mortgage