Understanding APR or Annual Percentage Rate


One of the most important terms you’ll come across when shopping for a mortgage is APR, or annual percentage rate. But what exactly does it mean? Simply put, APR is a way of indicating the real cost of a mortgage, expressed as an interest rate. While the regular interest rate is the first thing most people look at when pricing … Read More

Should I Lock or Should I Wait?

Lock your rate

When buying a new home or refinancing, how will I know when to lock my mortgage rate? “Interest rates rise like a rocket and fall like a feather.”  This old axiom holds a lot of truth.  Generally speaking, rates tend to fall in a poor economy and rise in times of prosperity.  But more to the point, it takes a … Read More

Mortgage Rates

mortgage rates

All of our Mortgage Rates are offered at 0 point cost with minimal or no closing costs on most programs. Call us today for a FREE LOAN ANALYSIS. CALL (800) 224-999 for current rates Interest rates quoted are for Owner Occupied SFRs and assume 740 min FICO, impound account, 30 day rate lock, loan amount <= $417,000.  Maximum loan amounts … Read More

How Interest Rates Move

interest rates

Here’s a great video discussing how interest rates move. Although produced in 2010, the principles still apply in our economy today and should for the foreseeable future.