Tips for Mortgage Refinancing


Follow these steps to better understand the process of mortgage refinancing and to set yourself up for the best possible outcome. Call CHOICE ONE today!

Should I Lock or Should I Wait?

Lock your rate

When buying a new home or refinancing, how will I know when to lock my mortgage rate? “Interest rates rise like a rocket and fall like a feather.”  This old axiom holds a lot of truth.  Generally speaking, rates tend to fall in a poor economy and rise in times of prosperity.  But more to the point, it takes a … Read More

Should I Impound my Taxes and Insurance?


Is it better to impound my property taxes and homeowners insurance into my monthly mortgage payment? Many of our clients prefer to have their taxes and insurance impounded in their monthly loan payment (the lender adds 1/12 of your property tax and homeowners insurance bills to the normal payment, sets them aside in an escrow account and then pays the … Read More